April Is National Frog Month

April Is National Frog Month

April is National Frog Month in the U.S. Here, we live among dozens upon dozens of frog orders, suborders, families and subfamilies. With so many types of frogs, it is amazing we see so little of them as part of day-to-day life. Of course, this oversight is their natural camouflage at work. But frogs play a critical role in the balance of our environment.

The frog’s world is green, lush and wet. These creatures live above ground, underground, in trees or in water. Their ecosystem is rich in colors and wildlife, including other creatures designed as their predators and their prey.

To reflect on these amazing amphibians and their hundreds of millions of years of evolution, Orleans Exchange presents our It’s a Frog’s World collection. The greens, purples, yellows and browns of this collection remind us of the frog’s world. After all, Orleans Exchange is named for a city surrounded by some of the most fertile frog stomping grounds in the United States.

For the month of April 2019, receive an additional 5% off sale prices on the items in our It’s a Frog’s World collection. Simply use the promo code FROG19 in your cart.

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